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Watery Background



Project Description

Supply and installation of a desalination plant on the island of Thirasia with Renewable Energy Sources.

It aims at upgrading the desalination facilities of the Municipality of Thira, with the installation of a new desalination plant in Thirassia, with a capacity of 200 m3/day and a consumed power of about 50 kW. Coverage of a larger percentage of consumed energy by a photovoltaic system with a power of 60 kW and a total annual production of approximately 80.000 kWh. The project is supervised by DEYATH and implemented in cooperation with the University of Stavanger, Norway, with the aim of improving the efficiency and reliability of the infrastructure.
Project implementation cost: EUR 833 443.

Implementation Methodology

Sub-project 1: Supply and installation of equipment for upgrading an existing desalination system and Installation of equipment for the upgrading of a desalination plant to improve the desalination process and the production of electricity through RES (Responsible: DEYATH).

Sub-project 2: Project Communication Plan (Responsible: DEYATH).

Sub-project 3: Investigation of advanced energy systems for sustainable water management and desalination units (Project Manager: Stavanger University).

​Sub-project 4: Connection of the photovoltaic park to the DEI network through the net-metering process (Responsible: DEYATH).


The project is funded by the EEA Grants period 2014-2021, from national resources through the Development and Investment Programme (DIP) and from the budget of the Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Thira (DEYATH).

Project Deliverables

Supply, transport and installation of a photovoltaic in Thirasia with a nominal power of 60 kW

Supply, transport, installation and full operation of a new desalination unit with the accompanying equipment of total capacity of 200 m3/day.

Awareness raising and sensitization of the local community, the scientific community and the general public.

Economic analysis of the operation of the desalination plant using a photovoltaic park.

Connection of the photovoltaic system to the power supply network and operation of  the desalination plant.

Thirasia GreenWater information poster
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